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Stereoscopic 3D Production Equipment

3ality Technica offers complete solutions for all kinds of content creators interested in creating stereoscopic 3D. Whether you want to add the Stereo Image Processor -- the world's most accurate alignment tool -- for the systems you already own, or want to outfit an entire production, 3ality Technica can provide with the hardware and software to realise your vision.

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Rent a System:

To rent a system, contact a 3ality Technica team member to assist in a design that meets your production specifications.

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Phone: (818) 333-3000

Stereoscopic Systems

Stereoscopic systems are precision tools designed to align two cameras to a sub-pixel level of accuracy. The 3alityTechnica family of tools enables creative producers, directors and cinematographers to create 3D on the same schedule they’ve established for their 2D productions. Choose from among manual, partially automated or fully robotic systems or augment the systems you already own with 3alityTechnica alignment tools. 3alityTechnica can provide you with a solution you seek for everything from a single-system narrative project to a multi-camera live event.

We have the solution.

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3ality Technica's TS-5 miniature beam splitter offers the ultimate in both adaptability and precision. The TS-5 can be used handheld or perfectly balanced when mounted on a Steadicam. It's made to fit into those tight spaces and weight-constrained spots that won't accommodate a larger rig. Weighing just over 17 pounds without cameras and lenses, it's easy to maneuver, ensuring that you'll get the shot every time.


Designed by cinematographers and engineers, the TS-2 is the workhorse of the 3ality Technica family. This fully-motorized system accommodates a variety of cameras and lenses. Whether shooting a feature film, sporting event, on a stage or in a distant location, this beam splitter is your answer to quick and accurate setups. 3ality Technica makes your imagination possible.


A full-size side-by-side S3D system, 3ality Technica's fully-motorized TS-4 brings a new dimension to the world you want to capture. This is the perfect system for capturing the fly ball, the flaming guitar solo, or that battlefield action scene. Go wide. Go deep. Use a variety of full-size cameras and lenses. The wide inter-axial of the TS-4 makes sure you can capture it all. Controlled by the 3Space™ calibration software, you can be sure to capture the world just as you see it.


The 3ality Technica Atom is a light weight, 3D camera platform designed from the foundation up for the world's most innovative game changing camera: the EPIC from RED Digital Cinema. The Atom has been optimized to take full advantage of the small formfactor of the EPIC while still accommodating fullsized PL and PV primes, as well as smaller zooms like the Optimo 16-42 or 30-80. The result is a full 5K- 3D beam splitter system weighing as little as some 35mm camera systems.


The 3ality Technica Pulsar is designed to accommodate mid-sized high resolution digital cameras, with ENG-style or PL lenses. Numerous mid-sized and box-style cameras can be mounted on a Pulsar, including the, RED EPIC, SI-2K, Sony EX3, and Sony P1. Integrating smaller form-factor cameras increases your production's flexibility and mobility, making possible the use of tripods, jib-arms, and miniature dollies.


"Because 3D doesn’t like jittery handheld movement, we chose Element Technica’s Neutron rig to support our two HD cameras on the Steadicam." -Steven Douglas Smith, Director of Photography

The 3ality Technica Neutron 3D rig is engineered to provide stereoscopic mounting of the smallest high resolution digital cameras, with C-mount prime lenses, in a full-function 3D rig. Like all three rigs in the Technica 3D family, the Neutron can be configured in side-by-side and beamsplitter mode (both over/thru and under/thru), and can be quickly reconfigured from one mode to the other.

Cameras that can be mounted on a Neutron rig include the SI-2K Mini, Contour, Iconix and Wige Media CUNIMA. The extremely light weight of these cameras, with the Neutron’s own light weight and size, make this tiny rig the optimal solution for hand held operation or mounting on a Steadicam. The Neutron can also be easily squeezed into small spaces and hidden on-stage for capturing performance videos in 3D. Untethered control of interocular and convergence on the Neutron is provided by a wireless link with the Technica 3D Hand Controller (THC). Neutrons can also be interfaced with stereoscopic optimization processors such as the Sony MPE-200, which allows them to be quickly integrated into multi-camera productions. Small though it is, the Neutron is manufactured from the same aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum as well as stainless steel and carbon fiber as the Quasar. These state-of-the-art aerospace industry materials, coupled with 3ality Technica’s innovative design, provide a 3D rig with exceptional structural integrity and the lowest possible weight. This rigidity and ruggedness are necessary to hold the stereoscopic camera pair in rock-solid position to yield a realistic 3D effect, while minimizing the rig weight contribute to portability and prevent an ungainly system for tripod or crane mounting.

Production Neutron
Neutron on location for Discovery Channel
Pre-production Neutron used for a U.S. Navy shoot

The Neutron 3D rig shares a small, common set of tools, setup and alignment procedures with its two larger siblings, the mid-sized Pulsar and the large camera Quasar rigs. An experienced 2D assistant trained on one of the rigs can apply that knowledge to the whole family of rigs.

In the few short months since 3ality Technica has begun delivering the Neutron, the tiny 3D rig has already found a home on several movie sets.

Producers of The Darkest Hour deployed a pair of Neutrons on the film. "I was thrilled with the Element Technica 3D rigs," remarked cinematographer Scott Kevan. "We used the Neutron outfitted with Sony P1s for Steadicam and handheld work. All rigs worked as designed, so we were able to shoot 50' Technocrane shots, process trailer sequences, running Steadicam shots, and even a bungie rig on the back of an ATV."

For a video for the Navy, director of photography Steven Douglas Smith deployed the Neutron with a pair of HD cameras on a Steadicam. "The setup allowed us to move the cameras into small spaces and still have it be an effective 3D environment. The ability to swap over and change configuration from beamsplitter two side-by-side for long lens work was also a plus. It allowed us the ability to do shots over and over again, without reconfiguring the system."


Distinguished by its modularity and versatility, the 3ality Technica Quasar offers eight axes of control, multiple lens options for cinema and broadcast, and the ability to stand alone or integrate into multicamera production situations, The Technica Quasar provides the production crew with the flexibility it needs to meet the requirements of each shot or camera position.

DEEP PULSAR / ATOM Underwater Housing

Gates Underwater Products developed DEEP PULSAR / ATOM in collaboration with 3ality Technica specifically for the Pulsar and Atom 3D platforms. A highly integrated and flexible system, DEEP PULSAR / ATOM provides comprehensive camera, lens and stereo control to the underwater cameraman or topside DP. Professionals will appreciate productivity details like dynamic weighting for perfect buoyancy / trim, AR coated reflection control ports , quick media / battery changes, 2.5 hrs+ battery runtime, and remote run/stop switch. Further, DEEP PULSAR / ATOM offers the widest underwater beam splitter 3D imaging – 16mm @ 5K – a remarkable achievement. Complimented by a suite of accessories, DEEP PULSAR / ATOM is backed by Gates legendary support, service and 1 year warranty.

Contact Gates Underwater Products for DEEP PULSAR / ATOM details.

Gates Underwater

Stereo Image Processors™ (SIP™)

The 3ality Technica Stereo Image Processor™ 2101 (SIP-2101) is the definitive stereo video processing device for High Definition (HD) digital video streams. Designed for production, post-production, and distribution environments, the SIP-2101 provides a number of functions designed to optimize the stereoscopic image pair. The simple, integrated web-based interface provides the user - whether it's the stereographer on a live shoot, an editor in a post-production house, or the quality assurance operator in a broadcast center - with complete stereo information for every shot. When integrated with 3ality Technica's precisely-automated rigs in production environments, corrections are applied dynamically, resulting in near pixel-perfect S3D imagery right from the camera.

1. SNU7800 | 2. SIP2900 | 3. SPC7100 | 4. SIP7000 | 5. SIP2300 | 6. 29B2 SIP Blade | 7. SIP2100/2101 | 8. 3WM

3ality Technica 3Flex electronics provide powerful image analysis tools and integration among rigs, cameras, and other production equipment. The 3Flex Systems can be configured for feature or broadcast productions, with single-camera or multiple-camera systems. The system provides precise alignments during prep, constant monitoring, and control over those alignments during production. In addition, it gives you the ability to capture metadata of all axes of movement for increased accuracy during post production.

Stereographers and technicians can choose any of several viewing modes and analysis tools to monitor, assess, and optimize 3D. The system provides constant feedback to the 3ality Technica rig systems, offering near perfect matching of geometry and color during even the most complex moving shots.

All 3Flex electronics can be networked and configured, monitored, and controlled from the 3flex Control Center, the 3flex System Manager and the 3flex Control Panel, either via a PC or a hand-held iPad/iPhone device.

Stereo Image Processor

At the heart of the 3ality Technica 3Flex system, the Stereo Image Processor's (SIP™) powerful image-processing algorithms provide the foundation for the 3Space family of software tools.

A quick overview:
  • Provides multiple viewing modes
  • Analyzes and corrects mismatchesbetween cameras
  • Sophisticated lens and tracking alignment
  • Integrated scopes (waveform, vector, etc.)
  • Metadata capture
  • Concurrent output to 2D and 3D monitors
  • Apply floating windows for extra creativity
  • Accommodates a number of frame rates, resolutions, and stereo modes
  • Outputs over DVI or HD-SDI

(7) SIP 2100/2101:

1RU rack mount for one SIP2 processor.

(5) SIP 2300:

Ruggedized chassis for one SIP2 processor.

(2) SIP 2900:

For multi-camera shoots, the 3ality Technica Stereo Image Processor 2900 (SIP 2900) provides eight SIP2 processors in a single 6RU chassis with redundant power supplies, giving you the ability to control up to eight cameras simultaneously. Engineers can monitor, assess, adjust, and control the show from one, powerful, rack-mounted control center.

Stereo Platform Controller (SPC)

Real-time robotic controller for Technica rigs.

(4) SPC 7000:

Touch screen, two digital ports, and four analog ports.
  • Allows configuration of numerous digital and analogue lens and 3D controllers
  • Four analogue inputs
  • Two digital Inputs
  • Metadata display
  • Touch screen interface

(3) SPC 7100:

  • Two digital ports.
  • DC or Rig powered

(1) SNU7800:

Stereoscopic Networking Unit
  • 8 rack-mounted SPCs
  • Single cable connection to SIP2900
  • Soft routing
  • Tally/GPIO interface
  • 2RU
  • Redundant power supplies

(8) 3WM

Compact multi-function hub for mobile 3D operations.

IntelleSuite Software Family


  • IntelleCal
    • Sub pixel alignment in under five minutes - at the touch of a button.
  • IntelleCam
    • Create comfortable 3D on multiple systems without the need for convergence operators
  • IntelleMatte
    • Place graphics anywhere in 3D space, live and in real-time.

3ality Technica's IntelleSuite family of integrated hardware and software solutions revolutionizes the production of live-action Stereo 3D (S3D) by automating the most complex and time consuming processes associated with stereo shooting. Computerized operation ensures fast, easy, reliable, and repeatable results, while reducing or eliminating additional labor. IntelleSuite puts the control back in your hands.


Automated alignment at the touch of a button

3ality Technica's IntelleCal provides automated camera system alignment. Just mount lenses and push a button, and the system automatically profiles and matches the lenses, then performs a multi-step rig alignment. IntelleCal allows complete alignment work in less than five minutes, compared to the 30 to 45 minutes required for manual setup. It also lowers production costs by allowing camera operators to easily set up their own cameras.

  • Automatically creates lens matching data.
  • Automation aligns system on five axes through entire zoom range.
  • Not scene-dependent.


Automated S3D control

3ality Technica's IntelleCam provides automated S3D control while you're shooting, eliminating the need for S3D operators (convergence pullers). IntelleCam allows you to set parameters, such as maximum divergence, minimum convergence, near/far crossover. The system continuously manages S3D composition within those parameters — throughout a shot — without manual intervention. This revolutionary tool dramatically reduces personnel costs while increasing quality, consistency, and precision.

  • Eliminates S3D operators
  • Automatically manages S3D settings, including depth budget, position relative to depth, convergence, and interaxial.
  • Parametric settings ensure constant, valid S3D positioning without manual changes.


Delivers true S3D compositing for accurate real-time graphics placement

3ality Technica's IntelleMatte is the S3D application everyone has been waiting for. IntelleMatte enables live game graphics to be positioned so they appear in front of the players, but behind anyone who walks closer to the camera: no more strange occlusions, no more graphics pushed so far out of the screen that they are hard to watch.

  • Analyzes standard HD video inputs.
  • Dynamic depth map generation for accurate compositing.
  • Works with any replay or graphics source.

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