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3ality is best known for its incredibly advanced image processing and software algorithms, as well as the speed, dependability, and ultra precision of its tools. The Stereo Image Processor™ (SIP) is the industry standard and is used on many projects, in 3D, 2D, and in post-production, independent of the 3ality camera platforms. 3ality, known for exceptional mechanical engineering and dedicated customer support, is a leading provider of innovative 3D rigsbrings a state of the art manufacturing infrastructure. Together, as 3ality, the Company is a powerhouse of design, durability, service, and software that is years ahead of anyone else in the market.

3ality - About Us

Who We Are

3ality is an integrated entertainment company dedicated to live-action 3D. The company has brought together top people in 3D, production, and digital post-production to create a unique environment that is purpose built for uncompromising quality, from acquisition through exhibition.

3ality proudly employs a team that has had a significant hand in almost every live action 3D film and theme park experience ever made. We have the largest number of 3D researchers in the entertainment industry and the largest 3D studio and R&D facilities in which to enable them to do their best work.

Our Vision

Since George Méliès first went on A Trip to the Moon, our collective creative vision has pushed visual boundaries to increasingly engrossing and spectacular extremes. Only recently have these wondrous visions extended beyond the flat screen. Now, finally, we can offer true immersion: technology that enriches rather than detracts, that enables the artist to reach through the screen into the audience's imagination.

3ality, a powerful company capable of delivering on these creative promises. As engineers, mathematicians, computer programmers, industrial designers, metalworkers, camera experts, we all have the same vision: translating design and technology into tools that enable artists to push creative boundaries into areas never before seen.

3ality is a company singularly focused on providing the digital content industry's highest quality stereoscopic production and image technology. We do this through core expertise in several areas: image and geometry analysis, industrial design for the acquisition and camera industries, and a deep and rich knowledge and experience base in all aspects of stereoscopic production and delivery.

Come see what we do. You will never look at a flat screen the same way again.

What We Do

3ality produces the most pixel-precise, live-action 3D feature films, concerts, sports, and commercial programming. Whether produced with, or independent of, 3ality, content creators are assured the most technologically accurate 3D image capture in the world. With 3ality's complete system including the rig, SIP™, and proprietary software, a 3D production stays on the same schedule as a 2D production and within the same budget.

Who We Serve

3ality serves the global entertainment community—whether it is in sports, feature film, episodic television, live concerts and events, and even in television advertising. Anything that can be 2D on a flat-screen can be 3D and come alive! The company addresses the various issues with which producers of 3D content have had to wrestle in the past.

3ality camera systems work the way 2D camera operators expect a camera system to work. Elimination of image misalignment provides directors with live preview and immediate viewing of "dailies." DPs have a range of lensing options unparalleled in 3D, including both primes and zooms, as well as camera rigs that range from very small (palm size) to large systems. Our rigs have been used in NASCAR races, on steadicams, on cranes and on a SpyderCam.

Our post tools and services enable directors and DPs to work in 3D, rather than imagine it. Instead of spending time overcoming the common problems associated with 3D, 3ality enables creative professionals to focus on 3D creativity with simplicity and ease including multiple 3D clip layering, true 3D transitions, and image 3D manipulation for effect.

Our Partners

Partners are what make it possible for 3ality to do our best work. Ranging from forward-thinking satellite networks to dynamic sports leagues, to major film production companies, we're working with the best-in-class from all over the world.

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Our Executive Team

3ality's executive team is made up of a winning blend of technologists, experienced producers, entertainment industry executives and high-tech entrepreneurs.
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