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We believe an educated workforce is a powerful workforce. Whether we are teaching in our classroom, in your studio or on location, we make sure you understand everything from theory to practice. In addition, we believe the more time you have on the rig and with the system, the more of a contribution you will make to your next project. We can't teach you everything, but we can give you the tools you need to start you learning about and creating in the incredible world of stereoscopic 3D.



3ality provides professionals with the information they need to succeed on all manner of S3D productions. Covering everything from theory to practice, our classes give you the opportunity to apply the theory to the equipment, getting hands-on experience with rig building, alignment, software configuration and shooting. We take you through the practicalities of providing you with information you want to dive in and start working on set.


3ality offers a fundamentals class that takes professionals -- usually camera operators, ACs and DPs -- through the fundamentals of stereoscopy, stereography, and the basics of the 3ality workflow. This class serves as the beginning of your journey. Learning is best accomplished by doing, so we encourage you to get your hands on some equipment as quickly as you can...

We can also tailor the class to your needs, whether you're a producer, a director, or just want to understand how stereography affects the industry, we can create the vehicle -- for one or 100 -- that answers those questions.

Classes can also be organised around production: We can help you ramp up for a feature, or take you on location to do a small, real-world shoot. If you're jumping into a live broadcast, we can make sure you know the best way to integrate 3D into your existing pipeline, or we can help you create a pipeline from the ground up.

Please note that classes are offered as time and resources are available.

Training Videos

Sometimes notes just aren't enough! We're making these videos to refresh your memory, teach a colleague, or get a jump on the gear you ordered.

NOTE: Videos on some systems may require a short loading time. All videos are available for and can be viewed on tablets and mobile devices (including but not limited to Apple iPad / iPhone, Android, etc.)

3ality Pulsar Assembly

3ality TS-5 Tutorial

3ality Installing the TS5 mirror

3ality TS 5 camera positioning

3ality TS5 Lens Motor Assembly

3ality TS-5 Bracket Mounting for the Panasonic

3ality TS-5 Bracket Mounting for the Sony P-1

A complete visual explanation of tools and techniques for assembling the 3alityTechnica Pulsar in an over & through configuration (7:53)

A complete visual demonstration of the tools and techniques necessary for assembling the 3alityTechnica TS-5 in an over & through configuration (12:34)

Cleaning and installing the mirror on a 3alityTechnica TS-5 (1:52)

Assembling and mounting lens motors on a 3alityTechnica TS-5 (4:46)

A demonstration of accurate mounting and positioning of cameras and zoom lenses on a 3alityTechnica TS-5

Attaching camera mounting brackets to the Sony HDC-P1 (2:52)

Attaching TS5 Camera Mounts and Brackets to the Panasonic AK-H1500G (2:49)

Converting the Pulsar from over & thru to side by side (4:54)

Flipping the Pulsar from over & thru to under & thru (2:23)

Converting the TS5 from an under & thru to an over & thru configuration (1:48)

Converting the Pulsar from over & thru to side by side (6:21)

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